Yan Gao, Esq.

Yan Gao, Founder

Yan Gao, Esq. is the founder of Gao Law Firm. She has more than 10 years of experience counseling global business clients on international and cross-border transactions, general corporate and business matters, corporate immigration, business dispute resolution.

Yan is an attorney licensed to practice in California and China. She graduated from China University of Political Science & Law in 2004, specializing in international economic law, and graduated with distinction from Tulane Law School in 2009, as a master of American Business Law.

Prior to starting her own practice, Yan’s experience includes many years of large law firm experience in both China and the United States. In Yan’s early experience, she had clerkship with the Supreme People’s Court of China justices who handle appeal cases of business & commerce disputes.

Yan has represented various commercial transaction cases, including company M&As, commercial dispute resolution, international entrepreneur investment and business immigration, international estate planning, various cross-border surrogacy contracts and court pre-birth orders.

Yan has served as clients in various industries including biotech industry, pharmaceutics, real estate, electronics, international trade, cryptocurrency, blockchain, building materials and education, etc., and she also helped international entrepreneurs in their estate planning and immigration matters.

Yan is very passionate in her law practice; she enjoys the beauty of legal logic, the wisdom of good law and the accomplishments of her legal work. She has great enthusiasm in serving her valued clients and solving their legal problems efficiently!