About Us

About Us

GAO Law Firm is a boutique transactional law firm based in San Diego, California. All of our attorneys graduated from top law schools and have abundant working experience in big law firms before joining our team!

GAO Law Firm is specialized in business and transactional cases, which include corporate & business law, business immigration, intellectual property law, estate planning, surrogacy law, and relevant matters. We mainly provide legal services to businesses of all sizes, international entrepreneurs, families and individuals.

GAO Law Firm is committed to providing “professional and quality services” with reasonable charges, and we thus have gained praise and trust of more and more clients. With our professional legal knowledge and rich professional experience, we believe that we can help our clients succeed!

Our Representations

Serve as the general counsel of a multinational blockchain company, providing legal services such as corporate compliance, dispute resolution, finance and global business development for its cryptocurrency and technology business.

Serve as the legal counsel for a large multinational electronics company, providing legal services for its corporate governance structure, corporate executive compensation, various contracts, dispute resolution and global business reorganization, etc.

Serve as the legal counsel for a number of multinational trading companies, providing legal services for their business activities in the United States, including corporate compliance, various contracts, license applications, trademark and intellectual property protection, etc.

Represent clients in a number of commercial dispute cases, including complaints, defenses, case management, discovery, court motions, ADR and other services.

Serve as the legal counsel for a number of real estate companies, involving corporate compliance, various real estate contracts, contract dispute resolution, investment and financing, trademark and intellectual property protection, etc.

Served as the U.S. legal counsel for the pre-IPO M&A and reorganization of a multinational medical equipment company, providing legal services such as corporate legal documents and M&A legal documents.

Advised many international entrepreneurs from China, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada, the Middle East and other countries for their US businesses, asset planning and immigration matters.

Advised a number of intended parents from China and Europe on surrogacy-related legal contracts and court pre-birth orders, provided legal solutions for international travel of many babies to overcome the pandemic travel restrictions, helping babies to be reunited with their parents.